Monday, December 26, 2011

Writing: Quotes

This quote is from his novel "Women", the first of only two books I've read by him.  

When it comes to Bukowski, I'm not a conventional fan.  I've never read any of his poetry, nor do I want to.  His novels that I have read, "Post Office" & "Women", didn't really stand out as anything very special, and lets face it, he wasn't exactly a nice guy.  His lifestyle has created an entire generation of copycat amateur writers that think you have to be a drunken asshole to be talented.

The reason why I keep coming back to him as one of my favorite writers is because he was a wordsmith that had a knack for pumping out amazing quotes, this one included.  Some are good with novels, others with nonfiction, and some are good with essays... to me, Bukowski's niche was being a quote machine.

Ask Google to show you his quotes.  They're all brilliant and simple at the same time.